Come along for an inside look at one woman’s journey overseas, walking in obedience to God’s call to love the world. Follow alongside her as she tells a colorful, poignant, and startling honest tale of how God taught her to love the people of an Asian island nation and in doing so captured a greater vision for His glory. Walk with her through the highs and lows of her experiences in running a medical clinic in a rice farming village, delight in her curious stories of hiking for smelly fruit in the mountains, chuckle at her stories of treating chickens with high blood pressure, and revel in moments of God’s miraculous healing. Through the comic moments, the tragic moments, and the glorious moments, as you hear her share her heartfelt disappointments, frustrations, and joys, you will find God’s grace and faithfulness at every turn.

Prepare for your vision for God’s Kingdom to be expanded as you learn how to see the world around you- and yourself- more through His eyes. His glory is all around you, and even in you.

Embrace the journey to seeing it.